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    "The test was tremendous in terms of generating orders."
Stephanie Wimberly
Sales Promotion Manager, Spiegel

    Spiegel wasn't "playing around" when they decided to try the Media Magnets instant win game promotion. Some segments of Spiegel's file nearly tripled their response rates nearly tripled the control results. Since then Spiegel has run the game two more times and is currently planning more tests.

PoolGear Plus

    PoolGear Plus launched into the catalogs and mail order after many successful years as a brick-and-mortar retailer. Charlie Kottmeier, PoolGear Plus' VP Marketing wanted to find a unique promotion for year two when he contacted Media Magnets. Although the Instant win game had worked well with customers, PoolGear Plus planned to test primarily with prospects. But would the game work for catalog prospecting? We feel the answer is a resounding "YES" -- PoolGear Plus response rate more than tripled their control and overall sales per catalog more than doubled their control.





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