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Omaha Steaks

"Our results were outstanding -- an 11% increase in response over a very powerful control piece, profits jumped over 10%, and all at no cost" [versus the control package]
Jim Pascal
Omaha Creative Group
(Omaha Steaks' Agency)

    Omaha Steaks was the first to try the Media Magnets promotion in the United States. Jim Pascal saw the opportunity to increase the rate of opening the mail package, and the resulting potential improvement in response rate. In the end, the unique MMI game not only improved profits, it even caused more customers to buy for themselves rather than as gifts as opposed to the control. Those customers wanted to use their win for themselves alone.


"After three years and over 10 million pieces mailed, I have retired my current control package and will replace it with your "Scratch & Win" promotion."
Thomas Byrd
Direct Marketing Manager, Newsday

    Newsday was the first newspaper in America to try the Media Magnets promotion. Like many in the newspaper industry, Newsday's focus is on lowering their cost per order. The Media Magnets instant game lifted Newsday's response by 128% above their control and the impact of that response improvement was to lower their CPO by nearly 60%.


    What could be more difficult then selling vacuum cleaners in the mail? Oreck Vacuum has historically had a very low response rate, even with their retail outlets and TV exposure. However, nothing they have ever done has brought the kinds of response as did the game. Oreck's response rate jumped with an 80% increase over their control. Oreck has rolled out to a quantity in the millions.

Sara Lee Direct

    Sara Lee Direct planned to test a new kind of L'Eggs hosiery club continuity. They needed a promotion that let them stand out from the crowd. It had to be a powerful incentive but still allow them to maintain the element of exclusivity that the club was designed to convey. The Media Magnets game was just the thing to do this. In a crowded marketplace with a low interest product, the L'Eggs club was able to garner a 1% response by utilizing the Media Magnets instant win game.

Chase Bank

The first bank to launch our instant game in August 2002.



Media Magnets develops the marketing plan, oversees the graphic design and printing, and is responsible for security and legal issues surrounding the games.

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